Personal Statement Editing - $75.00+tax


Why do other companies charge HUNDREDS of dollars to edit personal statements? 

Because they can.  So could we...but we do not. 

For $75.00 our experts will take your personal statement and turn it into gold.  They will advise you as to content and structural changes and then revise your personal statement into the one thing law schools want the most: a compelling, concise statement that defines you and your commitment to becoming a law student.

In order to have us do your personal statement editing, please contact our Las Vegas office at (702) 606-3011.

To assure that your enrollment is as secure as possible, all financial transactions must take place via contact with an actual person. This prevents other sites from “spoofing” our site and scamming our students, thus reducing fraud to a minimum.

If you have questions, you can call the same number, or you can email us by clicking the link below.