Test Mentors Course Curriculum


Our courses are comprised of methods that teach you a combination of skills you will need to get into law school and get a scholarship.

We concentrate much of our teaching on the three fundamental areas of the LSAT: Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning, or “Games.”

In the process, we teach you the fundamental skills you will need when you are a law student as well as skills that will make you a better lawyer.

We teach you to recognize the parts of an argument, analyze logically through both categorical and conditional logic, identify the relevant parts of arguments, identify enthymemes and synthesize missing premises.  We teach you inferential reasoning methods, critical thinking skills and argumentative techniques.  These are the skills the test is looking for and these are the skills that get you in to law school. 

We are intent on helping you master these skills to markedly improve your test score.


We expertly instruct you in this skill set through a combination of:

  1. Bullet in-class Instruction, drills and quizzes

  2. Bullet strategic problem solving classes

  3. Bullet Time management practice

  4. Bullet Instant in-class feedback Devices

  5. Bullet seven full length LSAT exams

  6. Bullet speed-reading practice and exercises

  7. Bullet memory technique lessons and practice.

We use eyeQ Speed Reading software and techniques to not only get you through the problems faster, but to energize and enhance your thinking!  Gone forever will be the days when you thought you could not read fast enough to
get a top-drawer score!

You will do hundreds of practice problems and will see every type of question ever asked on the LSAT.  If you employ the skills and methods we teach, you will go into the LSAT armed with powerful tools that will help you crush the test!


Test Mentors values our students and their personal referrals! 

Ask about our generous referral plan when you call our offices to secure your seat in our upcoming classes.

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